Welcome to the Savage Rally, a supercar rally event. With over 10 years and 40 events organized since 2013. We are a group of car enthusiast that want to share our passion for driving with friends, new and old.

Savage Rally is run by GLRE Offroad and is a dedicated Supercar Rally, with stops at 4-5 star hotels and some of the greatest driving roads in the United States. Savage Rally started out at GLRE Rally in 2018 with just over 20 vehicles participating. That first route was from Michigan City, IN to Cherokee, NC and was attended by the notable automotive Youtubers; Damon from DDE, Alex Choi and Randy Savage before Savage Garage.

In 2019 the GLRE Rally changed to Savage Rally and since we have visited the following city’s. Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Austin, Galveston, New Orleans, Orlando, Point Clear, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Charleston, Cincinnati, Savannah, Amelia Island, Nashville, Mackinaw Island, Green Bay and many more.

Savage Rally is not a competition, there are no prizes, money etc. for being the first or the last person to a location or the fastest speed. The purpose of Savage Rally is to visit amazing locations, roads and network/hangout with supercar owners of similar interests. Savage Rally/GLRE does not condone speeding or reckless driving.